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CAD Resources offers GIS and CAD drafting, analysis and presentation services to a range of industries, including mining, environmental, heritage, infrastructure, oil & gas, civil, resource development and geology, as well as general and overload drafting and GIS services. These services are geared towards the development of projects and the approval processes required. Our services result in the presentation of data in a manner that is easily read by stakeholders, regulators and internal project teams.

CAD Resources client base and areas of project activity extends throughout Australia as well as numerous project areas internationally. This multinational exposure allows our organisation to cater to the various local, national and international standards and methodology requirements, while maintaining an efficient data transfer.

CAD Resources operate a flexible GIS and CAD office with full time, part time and subcontracting staff that are mobilised as required on projects to give the best result for our clients. As most of the work in our industry is required on short timeframes, we operate our office so that we can make the appropriate number of staff available to meet project deadlines, and then demobilise them from the projects as the workflow dictates. This facility of having a single operator, or a number of operators, “on tap” gives our clients a very cost effective service and access to a range of facilities without requiring expensive infrastructure on their end.

Our company utilises both major GIS platforms (ArcGIS and MapInfo), a major CAD platform (Microstation), graphics suites, image manipulation software and a range of off the shelf and custom designed add-ons and interchange systems. This allows us to work with almost any format of data from any discipline (engineering, survey, field recording, government, geology, mining etc.) to quickly and seamlessly produce the output required by our clients. As a result our clients can get on with the job rather than being concerned about the issues that can often slow a project down.

CAD Resources has vast experience working with various types and formats of data, and understand their interface with other elements in the project, so we can quickly validate or identify issues that may need to be addressed early in the project, which can have substantial savings in time and cost.

Professional service – Stable, knowledgable, experienced staff
High quality outputs – Low cost – Confidential, secure, clean, live data

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Some of the services CAD Resources perform are: